With more than 38 years in the industry, you can be confident of our dedication to bringing you the very best in customer service and professional care of all shipments. Our customers demand and deserve the very best and here at Preferred Transit we tend to all their individual needs. 


Shipments between 2,000 and 24,000 pounds any where in the United States and Canada. We will combine your shipment with others to save on transportation costs.



A Shipment of any size or weight that needs to be at its destination as quickly as legally possible. Team drivers are available for this service when necessary.



Local also called short haul delivery service is primarily a same day or next morning service provided to our customers for deliveries within a 150 mile radius of central New Jersey. Many customers utilize our trucks one or two days a week to relieve a back log of orders their own trucks can't deliver. We can establish custom routes for customers that do not own trucks but need a dependable company for as little as 1 day a week to as many as 7 days a week. Our straight trucks, either open flatbeds or closed box, make an excellent compliment to any companies delivery needs. However, all truck and trailer types we offer are available to local service customers.


Service to and from seaports, including overseas container unloading, loading, distribution and transportation to and from the New York and New Jersey seaports. We also pick up and deliver loose cargo to and from all seaports in the United States.


Shipments that will require the use of a full trailer either by weight or volume. Common trailers sizes are 45, 48, and 50 foot long and can hold up to 48,000 pounds.



Shipments that contain freight larger than 8’6” wide, 9’0” high, or over 50,000 pounds require special equipment, routes, permits, and occasionally escorts. Our experienced staff can make your oversize loads move smoothly.



Shuttles can be designed to our customer specifications. For example, a company may have warehouses in New York, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Chicago, we can pick up and/or drop off at each location on a schedule. Another example would be a customer in Newark NJ is trying to develop customers throughout New England and wants to insure their customers all orders called in on a Tuesday will be delivered on a specific day.



Our full service warehouse offers storage, crating, palletizing, container stripping, and loading. Our personnel use every precaution in the handling of all freight in and out of the warehouse.