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A ready-when-you-are specialty transportation company.


What People are Saying

Since I was promoted to shipping 2 years ago, I have had to deal with several freight companies as well as flatbed services. I also had to research other companies to be used as a Shuttle service up to New England/New York. Over a six month review of analyzing pricing, service, communications and scheduling, was always so impressed with Preferred Transportation’s outstanding service in all categories... I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for working with me, and making my job that much easier.
— Becky, Summit Stainless
I highly recommend Preferred for all your transportation needs. Every single time I need them they come through. I appreciate everything you guys have done for us.
— Kevin, Phoenix Metals
“When it comes to transportation providers, there may be many to chose from. What distinguishes Preferred Transportation is a truly unparalleled level of service. They have always gone the extra mile for us without hesitation. Make them a partner in your business and rest assured, they will deliver. They will raise your service level, not your blood pressure”
— John, VDM Metals
“I want to thank everyone at Preferred for all of the help during the year. It is companies like yours that make ours look good.”
— Gayle, Acrow Corp.

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